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Have a marvelous idea for an academic project? Be sure you present it in the best way! See our tips on how to write a research proposal. Whether you apply for scholarship, admission or write a term paper, the requirements will be more or less similar.

How to write a research proposal?

Try to focus your research paper proposal on the issues you will deal with in your further professional and academic activity. If you are not sure about it yet, than choose something you really like. You do not want to make a proposal for a research paper that would become pain in your butt. Here is some advice on the essence and structure:
  1. The core of any research is a hypothesis. That is something that you suppose and either confirm or reject in the end of your project. Some works have two or more hypothesis.
  2. Think of the methods you will use to support or verify your paper.
  3. Check if your hypothesis is really new. You do not want to discover that you have prepared a research proposal paper for a problem that was resolved some years ago.
  4. The title has to be short and clear, but at the same time not to general. Try to avoid titles as “Difficulties of translating tourist brochures”. A more convincing title would sound rather like “Translation of cultural realities in tourist brochures from Japanese into English”.

How to get help with writing a research proposal?

One of the best options is to call a research proposal writing service like ours. Our professional writers all have academic degrees in the corresponding areas. That means all of them had to prepare successful papers for their university researches or dissertations. Most of our research proposal writers work in universities as academic staff and are aware of all the up-to date papers. Our research proposal service includes writing, editing, revision, proofreading, and consulting.

What information shall I provide to order research proposal?

First of all we have to know the realm of your studies. You can contact us at any stage of the process, even if you have no idea yet what exactly you want to study. We provide only unique texts of original papers. You can choose either to buy research proposal from scratch or write it with our assistance. We know how to formulate a valid hypothesis, compose persuasive text and draw real outlook for your proposal research paper.

Sources and references for research proposal writing

Our staff has access to academic libraries and paid online sources in order to provide our clients with best quality papers. We perform quick search to find out what has already been written on your research subject and provide you a list of references. This work usually takes a lot of time from the student, so let us do it for you. Writing research proposals is our profession. You can contact us through the form provided on our page specifying your requirements or just leave your contacts and we will call you back. We have already conducted some work for specific subjects and have our own unique data base, so that you can buy research proposal very quickly.

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