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By opening this website in a browser on a device, you give your sufficient consent to be legally bound by this document. Should any disagreement arise with any of the rules mentioned below, please do not look at this website and do not place any orders.Various important points of privacy, which you may come across while browsing the website, are described below. We ask you to learn this document thoroughly before you continue with this website. For the purpose of convenience, we shall refer to as “website”. Any person who opens the website will be referred to as “you” in this document. The information received on the ground of this document shall be considered as obtained legally and fairly. No information is knowingly obtained without your previous explicit consent.

You mostly submit all the information personally. But we may get information on our own with your consent.

Your email may be used by us in order to send you notifications regarding the most crucial stages of fulfillment of your order, for instance, clarification of any issues, order completion or any unread messages you may have. Please note that You express your sufficient consent by pressing the “Submit form” button to receive notifications of special offers and discounts, advertisement and promotional materials by any means including telephone number, email or other message.

As you make an order on this website, you may be asked by us to send us a copy of your national ID or your credit card information, which is necessary for payment authorization. Regarding the information on your credit card, only your first as well your last names need to be visible, plus the last 4 digits on your credit card.

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