Writing a case study

Case studies are realistic, complex, and contextual stories that have a dilemma, conflict or question. They are used in studying medicine, law and business, and case study research is an effective way in teaching other disciplines. It has following virtues:
  • reduces the distance between a theory and practice;
  • prepares to workplace;
  • helps in identifying the parameters of a posedproblem;
  • teaches to recognize and articulate statements;
  • argues points of view.

Characteristics of Cases

Writing a case study is not difficult task, if you know the needed length, details of it. Professor proposes all conditions, ways of writing, and the goal of task.
  1. Case study writing may be short (just few paragraphs) and long (more than 20 pages).
  2. A student may write them in both: lecture or discussion classes.
  3. The situation of case may be real and has actual people’s details and causes or be as realistic.
  4. The professor also may give already prepared data, and students only have to discuss and resolve the question or professor gives just some materials that students must identify and add the missing information.
  5. Case study writer may solve multiple aspects of the question or examine one piece of problem.
  6. A professor can propose to find a solution of the problem or identify the parameters of the question.

What Does Case Study Consist Of?

For writing your own case study it is necessary to gather data that could be drawn from the own experience, happened events, famous sources, etc. Besides, you may use a case from books or collections on the internet. Whatever the sources of writing, successful case study must include:
  • describing of real and interesting story,
  • raised question,
  • elements of conflict,
  • empathy with main characters,
  • encouraging students and motivation to take some position,
  • data about characters, actions, context, etc.,
  • brief size.

Writing a case study depends on the goal of its preparing. For example, for a great lecture course you may create a case study to illustrate learned material or enrich it. In a small class such task helps to use bigger and more complex cases that have many details, exploring perspectives with the possibility to integrate other skills, for example discussions and role playing.

How to Write a Case Study without Problems

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