Article Writing

Writing an article review is a process that is popular for newspaper, magazines, and journals. Often a wide audience can read an article so a writer must keep reader’s attention all the time. It may have also interesting stories, some speeches, or descriptions. According to the audience the paper may be formal or informal. The manner of writing should be interesting and exciting.

Features of Article Writing

From time to time professors at universities ask their students about article writing. This type of writing differs between others and has its own specifics.
  1. The reader is well known. The article writer identifies the reader and talk to him by using a text. You may have following question on the exam “Who are your readers”. Maybe, you will write for pupils, country people, sportsmen, etc. All you write about must be interesting for your reader and pay his attention from first lines.
  2. Get attention. All essay writers try to interest a reader with headlines because it is the first thing what you see before reading the body of the article. When you need writing an article review, think as a journalist.
  3. Make it interesting. The reader must want to read all text from the beginning and to the end. Just imagine that your examiner has to read about 50 exam papers and is bored because of it. So, try to make your work interesting, funny, add some examples from the real life.
  4. Reading must be easy. That’s why you can use few headings, paragraphs, lists, and so on. The style may be semi-informal or conversational. Organize your ideas by planning every stage of work. First, write down the subheadings and then create a brief introduction with explanations what readers may expect while reading your paper.
  5. Think about interesting ending. Writing article is not a writing an essay, so do not make a conclusion, but give a reader a field to think, for example ask a question or give the call to action.

How Not To Make Mistakes

  • Do not use formal language that fits more to essays. Avoid such words as to sum up, some people say, on one hand, etc.
  • Use examples and quotes.
  • Use enough questions – not too much and not too little. And avoid rhetorical questions because they do not need answers.

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